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Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum

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Hearing Aids of all types—Ear Trumpets, Carbon Hearing Aids, Vacuum Tube Hearing Aids, Transistor Hearing Aids, Body Hearing Aids, Eyeglass Hearing Aids and much more!

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History of Various Hearing Aid Manufacturers—
General Information

History of Various Hearing Aid Manufacturers—General Information

This section contains a historical time-line (or partial time-lines) of various hearing aid manufacturers.

Beltone Electronics Corp. Established in March 1940, Chicago, IL. USA.

              Beltone History—Decade of the 1940s

              Beltone History—Decade of the 1950s

              Beltone History—Decade of the 1960s

              Beltone History—Decade of the 1970s

              Beltone History—Decade of the 1980s

              (Extracted from the book, "Beltone 50 Years—
              Celebrating the Sounds of Life— Anniversary Album
              1940 to 1990".)

Oticon—Hearing Aids Through the Years gives a general overview of (mostly) Oticon hearing hearing aids.

Phonak A.G. Established in 1947 at Stafa, Switzerland.

             Phonak History—1947 to 2008

Radioear Corp. Established in 1924 by E. A. Myers in Pittsburgh, PA.

             Radioear—Fiftieth Anniversary Year—1974

Siemens Hearing Instruments.

            Siemens Timeline—1878 to 2004

Sonotone International, Inc.

            Sonotone Timeline—1929 to 2005

Zenith Radio Corp.

             Low Tone (Time: March 29, 1948)

History of Hearing Aids

A one-page summary of the early history of hearing aids by

Early History of T-Coils