Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum
Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum

The Hearing Aid Museum

Hearing Aids of all types—Ear Trumpets, Carbon Hearing Aids, Vacuum Tube Hearing Aids, Transistor Hearing Aids, Body Hearing Aids, Eyeglass Hearing Aids and much more!

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Miscellaneous—Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Accessories

Acousticon Model B Hearing Aid Battery Charger (~1950)


Acousticon Radio-Wonder Model RT-1 "Radion" Radio Attachment (1947)

(H740, B627)

Acousticon Radio Attachment "Super Radion" (1948)


Acousticon Humidrier (1945)

(H434, B4)

Acousticon Humidrier (1953)


Auto Charger Model 03-066 Battery Recharger (2003)


Battery Easy Products "In and Out" Battery Changer (2011)


Bell Hearing Instruments Model 122320 Battery Recharger (~2000)


Bell Hearing Instruments Open Ear Kit (~2005)


Beltone? 1-piece Vacuum Tube Cotton Hearing Aid Vest (~1950)


Bosch Model EK-VKD Battery Adapter (~1970)


Bosch Button Battery Recharger (~1980)


Doc's Promold Kit (2008)


Ear Corp. "Global" Dry & Store (2001)


Earring Receiver for Hearing Aids (1940s)


Fam Corp. EnerJet 675 Battery Charger (1962)


Hal-Hen Hearing Aid Testing Stethoset (~1970)


Hal-Hen Personal Pocket Hearing Aid Evaluator (~1985)


Hal-Hen Earmold Air Blower (1990)


Hal-Hen Super Dri-Aid (1990)


Hal-Hen Dri-Aid Kit, Senior (~2000)


Hear Clear Wax Guard (~2015)


Hearing Aid Desiccant (~2005)


Liberty Hearing Aid Drying Jar (2014)


Otarion B-845 Leather Belt Pouch  (~1950)


Phonak MicroLink FM System (1998)


Phonak SmartLink FM System (2004)


Phonak WatchPilot 2 (ladies)  (2006)


Phonak iCOM/TV Link/Voiss Stereo (2007)


Phonak FM Programming Interface (2010)


Siemens Telos Remote Control for Hearing Aids (1987)


Spare Battery Holders - 675 (~2002)


Starkey Binaural Equalizer (1991)


Starkey Trilogy Programmable Hearing System (Replica) (1993)


Vollrath Stainless Steel Ear Impression Mixing Bowl (~1975)


Widex? - Earmold Air Blower (~1998)


World Hearing - Hearing Aid Dryer (~2005)


Zenith 2-piece Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid Leg Pouch (1942)


Zenith 2-piece Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid Vest (1942)


Zenith Hearing Aid Vest for Transistor Body Aid (1950s)


Z Power Battery Charger (2016)


Unknown Hearing Aid Neck Pouch (~1950)


Unknown Hot Air Tubing & Temple Shaper (~1970)


Unknown Earmold Air Blower (~1975)


Unknown Ear Mold Impression Syringe (~1975)


Unknown BZ4 (European) Battery Charger (~1975)


Unknown Penlight with Ear Tip (~1985)


Unknown Barrette Strap for Body Hearing Aid (~1956)


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