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Body Type Transistor Hearing Aids

Zenith "Crest" Transistor (Body) Hearing Aid

The Zenith "Crest" transistor hearing aid was manufactured by the Hearing Aid Division of the Zenith Radio Corp. in 1956. It was a 4-transistor aid.

A little unconventional in its design, its metal case measured 2" x 1" x ˝" thick, and weighed a total of 1 oz. with battery.

The volume control was at the bottom left corner. Another unusual feature was that there were two receiver cord jacks—one on each side. Thus a person could wear receivers in both ears. It is shown here with just one receiver/cord plugged into the  left side.

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The Zenith "Crest" was also unusual in that the microphone  plugged in to the top of the hearing aid with two long, sharp prongs. It is shown here unplugged from the base.

The idea was that the microphone could be visible while the rest of the hearing aid was hidden under your clothes or suit jacket.

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The Zenith "Crest" showing the battery compartment. It used a 520 size mercury hearing aid battery (bottom left).

On the back, hidden by the battery door being opened, are the words "Zenith" and "Crest". The serial number is on the bottom of the battery door.


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The Zenith "Crest" in its original carrying case.


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Top view of the Zenith "Crest's" carrying case.

Here is the 12-page Zenith Crest manual.



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