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Vacuum Tube Hearing Aids: 1921-1953

Acousticon Model A-69.50 Vacuum Tube Hearing Aid

The Acousticon A-69.50 vacuum tube hearing aid was manufactured by Acousticon Products, Inc. of New York, and appeared on the market about 1950 or a bit earlier. The dimensions were 4" by 2 3/8" by 7/8".

The Model 69.50 had a most interesting and unique feature—its model number was also its price. The A-69.50 sold for—surprise— $69.50!

It was housed in a similar, but much lighter, aluminum case as compared to its predecessors, the A-120, A-130, A-140 and A-145.

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The picture at the right shows the insides of the Acousticon A-69.50 with its rear case removed. The Acousticon 69.50 used three vacuum tubes. One is visible just below the big capacitor near the top. The second one is under the 3 blue wires (middle) and the third one is directly underneath the second one (not visible).

The bottom left corner is where the round "A" battery went—it sat on the red ring and was held in place by the upper spring clip which was also one of the contacts. The "B" battery fit into the compartment in the lower right.

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