Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum
Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum

The Hearing Aid Museum

Hearing Aids of all types—Ear Trumpets, Carbon Hearing Aids, Vacuum Tube Hearing Aids, Transistor Hearing Aids, Body Hearing Aids, Eyeglass Hearing Aids and much more!

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The Hearing Aid Museum

Hearing Aids Have Come a Long Way from the Primitive Ear Trumpets of Yesteryear

Welcome to the largest on-line hearing aid museum in the world, and indeed, probably the second largest collection of old hearing aids in the world! When this web site is completed, you will be able to browse through more than 1,494 different hearing aids and related items that have been used down through the years. At present there are about 825 items on-line. Many hundreds more will be added in the future as time permits.

These hearing aids are from the private collections of Hugh Hetherington and Neil Bauman, two of the foremost authorities on old hearing aids alive today. Neil is also the owner/curator of "The Hearing Aid Museum".

Read Dr. Neil's profusely illustrated article "The Hearing Aids of Yesteryear" (in PDF format) This brief history of hearing aids from then to now first appeared in the 100th edition of "Signal", the journal of the Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario (Winter 2014).

Read Dr. Neil's profusely illustrated article "London Domes (London Hearing Horns" (in PDF format) This article gives the history of London Domes and shows the variety and beauty in some of these "hearing aids" of bygone years.

Read Dr. Neil's illustrated article "When Was the First Electric Hearing Aid Made and Other Hearing Aid Firsts". This article highlights the progression of firsts in hearing aid technology from the first electric carbon hearing aids to the first completely digital hearing aids.

Read Dr. Neil's short illustrated article "Brief History of T-coils and Loop Systems". T-coils have been around a lot longer than you may realize. This short article reveals the answer.

Read Dr. Neil's enigmatic article "CROS Hearing Aids Existed Before CROS Hearing Aids Were Even Invented! The surprising truth is that CROS hearing aids actually were in use for a full decade before they were invented.

To view "The Hearing Aid Museum", click on Enter the Museum, or if you already know which category you are interested in, click on any of the category links on the left.

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Genuine, Fake or Something Else? Don't be taken in by "ear trumpets" that are billed as genuine hearing aids, yet are not. Can you spot fake "ear trumpets"? Can you figure out which "ear trumpets" are true hearing aids and which are really something else, but are billed as real hearing aids? Test how good you are at separating the genuine ear trumpets from the fakes.

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The Hearing Aid Museum

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Donate Your Old Hearing Aids to "The Hearing Aid Museum"

If you have old hearing aids laying around, why not donate them to The Hearing Aid Museum so that everyone can enjoy learning about them. Hearing Aid donations are always welcome—and if yours are displayed in the museum, your name will be listed as the donor!

Send your old hearing aids to the Hearing Aid Museum at the address at bottom of the page.

Want To Purchase a Genuine Vintage Hearing Aid or Ear Trumpet of your Own?

If so, contact Neil.

The Museum has a number of surplus hearing aids for sale.
Click here to view our surplus hearing aids.

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