Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum
Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum

The Hearing Aid Museum

Hearing Aids of all types—Ear Trumpets, Carbon Hearing Aids, Vacuum Tube Hearing Aids, Transistor Hearing Aids, Body Hearing Aids, Eyeglass Hearing Aids and much more!

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Miscellaneous—Other Items

Other Items

Antique Hearing Devices 1st edition (1994)


Audivox Ear Cut-away poster 10" x 13" (~1960)


Beltone—Dave Barnow Commemorative Plate (1954)


Beltone—Dave Barnow 15th Anniversary Commemorative Plate (1955)


BTE Aid meets Microwave (~1998)


Pinard Horn Obstetrical Stethoscope (1895)


Eyeglass AM Radio—men's, ladies (~1964)

(B499a, B499b)

Lee Sonic Ear Valves (~1960)

(H457, B540)

Mallock-Armstrong Ear Defenders (1940s)


Mallory Hearing Aid Battery Display Case (1970s)


Safe'N'Clear Speechreading Face Masks (2017)


Schell Model EF Hearing Aid Dispenser's Portable Carrying Case (~1965)


Schick, Rudolf Ear Cut-away poster 31" x 39" (Hal Hen) (1940)


Sonic Ear Valve (~1980)


SoundScopes  Model MGR 8 "Magnum Ear" Ear Protectors (2000)


Starkey 3D Ear Cut-away Display (~1980)


Tonoscope Electronic Stethoscope (~1960)


Welch Allyn Otoscope (~1970)


Western Electric Hearing Aid Servicemaster/Hearing Aid Gainmaster (1950)


Zenith Crusader Tie Clip (1955


Unknown Hearing Aid Dispenser's Portable Carrying Case (~1970)


Unknown Receiver faux tortoiseshell for barrette, ALD, radio or ?


Unknown Ear Cut-away poster 22" x 33" (~1970)


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