Ear Trumpets vs. Hunting Horns & Car Horns

Here are some clues that indicate this is not a real ear trumpet or hunting horn.

  1. First, consider the overall shape of the shape of the horn. If this were a hunting horn when you hold it up to your mouth, the bell faces either straight down or straight up, not out. If it were a hearing aid and you put the tip in your ear, again, the bell faces straight up or down, not out.
  2. Second, notice the tip. Devices meant to blow on (horns) have a nice rounded mouthpiece, not a little flange like this one has. The mouthpiece would also larger than this one is. If this were an Ear trumpet, it would typically have a little "ball" at the tip of the earpiece. This tip would not fit comfortably in your ear canal.


Conclusion: This horn is a genuine early car horn. All that is missing is the squeeze bulb that fits over the tip. To sound it, you just squeezed the rubber bulb. Further proof that this is a car horn is the name engraved on this horn "Volier & Fils - Paris". Volier & Fils were makers of bulb horns, not hearing aids. When mounted, the horn faced out and the tip with the bulb on it was straight up so you could easily grab and squeeze it.


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