Ear Trumpet/Walking Stick (2)

Here are some clues that indicate this is indeed a genuine (and very rare) ear trumpet/walking stick.

  1. Notice the ear horn and ear piece are both at the "hand" end of the walking stick, and that the bottom end of the walking stick is just a regular walking stick. If the "ear horn" is at the floor end of the stick, then you know it is not a genuine ear trumpet/walking stick. To use this walking stick as an ear trumpet, the person gripped the stick in the middle and help the "ear trumpet" up by his ear so the ear piece went into his ear canal.

  2. This close-up of the "hand" end shows the ear trumpet bell (top) and the ear piece below it and at right angles to the bell so it would fit comfortable in the person's ear canal while the bell was facing forward.



Conclusion: This is a genuine, and rare, ear trumpet/walking stick combination The purchaser got his money's worth.

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