Ear Trumpet/Walking Stick (1)

Here are some clues that indicate this is not an ear trumpet/walking stick.

  1. Notice the "ear horn" is not at the top (hand end) of the walking stick, but down at the floor end. If the ear horn is at the bottom of the walking stick you automatically know that is is not a ear trumpet.
  2. Also, notice that the supposed "ear trumpet" is facing back along the walking stick shaft. If a person held the hand end up to his ear, the horn would be facing him and not the person in front of him.
  3. Although billed as actually working—the seller could hear via this walking stick--does not mean it is a hearing aid. Perhaps a person with normal hearing could hear with this, but that does not mean a hard of hearing person could.

Conclusion: So what is this item really? It is not a ear trumpet/walking stick at all, but is a combination smoking pipe and walking stick! The purchaser blew his money if he thought he was getting a genuine ear trumpet.

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